The Low Road at GDC Play

February 8, 2016

XGen Studios will be at GDC 2016 to show The Low Road publicly for the first time. The game will be available to members of the press and GDC Expo attendees for a hands-on demo at booth PL303 in the GDC Play area at Moscone Convention Center, March 14 - 18.

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PC & Mac (Steam)
PlayStation® 4



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About The Low Road

Set in the 1970s automobile world, "The Low Road" is a point-and-click graphic adventure which follows a team of corporate spies dedicated to the protection (and appropriation) of game-changing industry secrets. Sporting a unique visual style inspired by gouache paintings and a pulsating experimental score, "The Low Road" will captivate players though intricate puzzles, branching moral dilemmas, and a quirky cast of memorable characters.

Early Production Teaser

Pre-Production Screenshots